A Brief History of NIMAC

In 1989 an organisation was established in the name of Directors of Nursing Aged Care (DONAC) by a small group of people committed to the aged care sector.  Membership was exclusively Registered Nurses with members required to have current registration as well as being encouraged to undertake additional studies or tertiary qualifications.  Over time the organisation changed it's name to Nurses in Management Aged Care (NIMAC).

In 1999 the organisation celebrated it's 10th Anniversary and it was decided to conduct a conference to commemorate the milestone.  The conference was held at the Sheraton Mirage on the Gold Coast with a Conference Theme of "Refocus, Recharge, Ready for the 21st Century".  We attracted approximately 50 delegates and 5 trade exhibitors - but everyone had a great time.  We just barely covered costs, but it was successful enough to make the committee think we should have another conference in the following year.

The following year NIMAC was approached by Aged Care Queensland to partner with them to provide their members with a clinically focussed conference.  This arrangement continued until 2008 when NIMAC reverted to a standalone conference.

Over the past years a number of things occurred:

  • Membership was broadened to include a range of people within the industry.  This came about ecause not all care managers are nurses and we felt strongly that regardless of background, everyone working in the sector needed a supportive network.  NIMAC offered this.
  • The Conference is widely recognised as "a not to be missed conference".
  • A Professional Development Committee was formed - including the NIMAC Executive - and this group is responsible for planning the professional development activities for the Association.
  • Our quarterly Newsletter (Magazine) is now being produced electronically.  This enables members to easily file the editions for future reference and also to disseminate information throughout their organisations.
  • The addition of a standalone Clinical Workshop day prior to the two day conference.
  • Periodically NIMAC sponsors a series of regional workshops to provide workers in the aged care sector with opportunities to attend heavily subsidised professional development opportunities. We held workshops on "Service is Back" and in 2015 we are conducting workshops on "Moving from Busyness to Effectiveness".
  • NIMAC also offers a number of full registrations each year for the Conference - Professional Development Subsidy Awards. Financial members are invited to apply in writing explaining why they value the opportunity to attend the conference. This scheme draws heavily on members from regional and remote areas where they have the additional cost of travel to attend.

NIMAC conferences have gone from strength to strength routinely attracting up to 300 delegates and a very strong trade display of up to 70 booths, providing delegates with access to the latest things available for the industry. Our other strength is the speaking program which encompasses hot topics, management topics, strategic information and much more.

The future of NIMAC is very rosy.  Membership is made up of very passionate committed aged care workers with the Association run by a committed group of honorary executive officers who give selflessly of their 'spare time'.


The current Office Bearers for NIMAC can be found here